Booking Information

Please contact us to enquire about booking your cruise. We suggest that you read our Terms and Conditions first.

Tariff 2019: Cost per person
  2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people
2 nights 875699622567523
3 nights1183974875798699
4 nights142512051067946853
5 nights1645138112271084974
6 nights18651535135911991084

Our cruises are fully catered, prices include all meals and wine with dinner. Guests may bring their own choice of spirits; mixers will be supplied. Food is locally sourced wherever possible. View a sample menu.

If you prefer to come for a cruise on a self catering basis then please contact us for a quote. We keep all basic ingredients on board, you would bring what you would like to eat, and bring enough to feed us as well!

Terms and Conditions

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